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SF6 Switchgear

SF6 Switchgear

by H.M. Ryan, G.R. Jones

This book provides an extensive review of recent developments in SF6 Switchgear and covers fundamental properties of SF6 interrupter types, characteristics and associated operating mechanisms, arc modelling and computer aided methods for interrupter design and evaluation. The impact of SF6 Technology upon (i) Transmission Switchgear (ii) Distribution and Utility Switchgear and (iii) Regulations, Testing and Instrumentation is dealt with comprehensively.

Both authors are recognised experts in this sector and their complementary expertise and national/international standing via IEE, IEEE, DTI, CIGRE, Current Zero Club and other research activities has enabled them to prepare this authoritative review of recent developments in SF6 Switchgear. The book, which contains over 300 key references and more than 150 illustrations is for a world market, specifically aimed at power engineers in the manufacturing and supply industries, teachers and students of electrical engineering involved in undergraduate or postgraduate programmes and professional short courses and seminars in Universities and Polytechnics.

Item Subjects:
Energy Engineering

Publication Year: 1989

Pages: 212

ISBN-13: 978-0-86341-123-6

Format: HBK

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