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    An Introduction to Satellite Communications

    D.I. Dalgleish  1989

    The aim of this book is to give a clear and concise exposition of the principles and practice of satellite communications by describing the development of communications-satellite services. It will be useful both to engineers who have worked in other fields of telecommunication and to students.

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    The GEC Research Laboratories 1919-1984

    Robert Clayton, Joan Algar  1989

    Covering the activities of the GEC Research Laboratories from 1919 until their end in 1984, this book includes sections on the original organisation and philosophy behind the laboratories, a decade by decade summary of the work, and specialist chapters focussing on such areas as lamps and lighting, valves, communications and semiconductors.

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    A Management Guide to Logistics Engineering

    K. Beal  1989

    This guide will prove a great help to businesses in providing the pratical advice that will enable them to master the art of logistics so it can be used to their best business advantage.

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    SF6 Switchgear

    H.M. Ryan, G.R. Jones  1989

    An extensive review of developments in SF6 switchgear covering fundamental properties of SF6, interrupter types, characteristics and associated operating mechanisms, arc modelling and computer aided methods for interrupter design and evaluation.

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    Continuous Time Controller Design

    R. Balasubramanian  1989

    Continuous Time Controller Design covers theoretical methods for the design of continuous time controllers for linear multivariate systems. This book brings together state space and frequency domain design methods for linear multivariable systems.