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Voltage Quality in Electrical Power Systems

Voltage Quality in Electrical Power Systems

by J. Schlabbach, D. Blume, T. Stephanblome

Problems of voltage quality and their solutions are becoming increasingly important with the growth in power electronics and the high sensitivity of electronic equipment. Translated and updated from the German original published by VDE-Verlag, this book successfully details the theoretical and practical background to low voltage conducted disturbances including harmonics, voltage fluctuation/flicker and asymmetrical voltages.

Each chapter is illustrated with practical examples and exercises based on the authors' experience of application problems, including measurement, assessment and remedial measures. The book is set in the context of European standards.

This book will be of interest to electrical engineers in industry, utilities and universities, as well as companies interested in planning, operating and designing power system equipment.

About the Author

Professor Jürgen Schlabbach studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt, followed by 10 years with Lahmeyer International, working on national and international electricity distribution for domestic and industrial use. Since 1992 he has worked on power generation and distribution as well as regenerative energy usage at the University of Bielefeld. He is a member of the VDE and IEEE.

Dr Dirk Blume is Managing Director of TEAM GmbH in Herten. After studying electrical engineering at the University of Dortmund, he went on to work on his PhD on the analysis of electricity networks. His current field of interest includes measurement instrumentation and systems in the investigation and analysis of voltage quality as well as failure analysis.

Dr Thomas Stephanblome is manager of EUS GmbH, developing innovative energy conversion and storage techniques. After studying electrical engineering at the University of Dortmund he completed his PhD on superconducting magnetic energy storage in electricity network management. His current responsibilities include network management as well as projection and realisation of emergency measures to secure voltage quality.

Item Subjects:
Energy Engineering

Publication Year: 2001

Pages: 252

ISBN-13: 978-0-85296-975-5

Format: HBK

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