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    MF/3 (Revision 1)

    MF/3 is a key industry Model Form of General Conditions of Contract to cover the main conditions for home contracts for the supply of electrical and mechanical goods –without erection.
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    Troubled IT Projects

    Prevention and turnaround  
    John M. Smith  2001

    This book provides systematic guidance on how to sense and avoid the causes of IT project failure at every step, from project conception to the disposal of the system after a long and beneficial operational life. The author takes the reader through every stage of the process, pointing out pitfalls and suggesting tactics as you go.

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    Carrier-Scale IP Networks

    Designing and operating Internet networks  
    Peter Willis  2001

    Comprehensively reviewing the design, provision and operations of carrier-scale Internet networks, this book presents a good balance between leading edge technology and many of the practical issues surrounding carrierscale IP networks.

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    Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol)

    Systems and solutions  
    Richard Swale  2001

    This book examines VoIP as a technology and its consideration within the industry, the motivations for VoIP networks, a review of the status of the major components of a VoIP network and their development, and both current and emerging applications.

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    Future Mobile Networks

    3G and beyond  
    Alan Clapton  2001

    This book explores the future of mobile communications networks given the increasing demands for services and higher quality, as well as continued growth in the cellular mobile marketplace.

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    Broadband Communications and Home Networking

    Scott R. Bullock  2001

    This book provides the engineer and manager with a very good understanding of the processes needed to effectively perform the system design for broadband communication systems and home networking approaches.

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    RFIC and MMIC Design and Technology

    I.D. Robertson, S. Lucyszyn  2001

    This book gives an in-depth account of GaAs, InP and SiGe, technologies and describes all the key techniques for the design of amplifiers, ranging from filters and data converters to image oscillators, mixers, switches, variable attenuators, phase shifters, integrated antennas and complete monolithic transceivers.

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    Skills Development for Engineers

    Innovative model for advanced learning in the workplace  
    Kevin Hoag  2001

    This book questions the effectiveness of current employee learning in most organisations and presents an alternative framework model, which is less costly and more successful. Many practical examples of successful approaches are give in a highly readable format, with many diagrams.

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    Sir Charles Wheatstone FRS, 1802-1875, 2nd Edition

    Brian Bowers  2001

    Charles Wheatstone was one of the leading electrical engineers of the mid-nineteenth century. This fascinating biography celebrates the bicentenary of his birth, and draws on information about the family business as well as letters, including correspondence with Cooke and Faraday.

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    History of Telegraphy

    Ken Beauchamp  2001

    This book records the growth of telegraphy over two centuries, depicting the discoveries and ingenuity of the experimenters and engineers involved, the equipment they designed and built, and the organisation, applications and effects on society.

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    The Electric Car

    Development and future of battery, hybrid and fuel-cell cars  
    Mike H. Westbrook  2001

    This book covers the development of electric cars, from their early days, to new hybrid models in production. Most of the coverage is focused on the very latest technological issues faced by automotive engineers working on electric cars, and the key business factors vital for the successful transfer of electric cars into the mass market.

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    Theory and Design of Microwave Filters

    Ian Hunter  2001

    This book provides a single source for filter design including basic circuit theory, network synthesis and the design of a variety of microwave filter structures. The aim is to present design theories followed by specific examples with numerical simulations of the designs, with pictures of real devices wherever possible.

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    RF Power Amplifiers

    Mihai Albulet  2001

    In this thorough overview, Mihai Albulet presents a full account of RF amplifiers and shows that understanding large-signal RF signals is simply a matter of understanding basic principles and their applications.

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    People in Control

    Human factors in control room design  
    Jan Noyes, Matthew Bransby  2001

    The aim of this book is to provide state-of-the-art information on various aspects of human-machine intereraction and human-centred issues encountered in the control room setting. Illustrated with useful case studies.

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    Non-linear Predictive Control

    Theory and practice  
    Basil Kouvaritakis, Mark Cannon  2001

    This book collates the important results which have emerged in the field of non-linear model based predictive control. Feedback linearisation, differential flatness, control Lyapunov functions, output feedback and neural networks are all discussed.