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    UML for Systems Engineering, 2nd Edition

    Watching the wheels  
    Jon Holt  2004

    The UML (Unified Modelling Language) has become the industry standard for modelling software-intensive systems. The book looks at applications using the UML as part of a generic approach to aid problem-solving and information modelling and covers the significant changes that have occurred since the release of UML version 2.

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    Trusted Computing

    Chris Mitchell  2005

    This book provides an introduction to trusted computing technology and its applications. As computers are increasingly embedded and wireless connected, security becomes imperative.

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    Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

    M.A. Bramer  1999

    This book reviews some of the underlying technologies and also some recent applications in a number of fields. In a world increasingly overloaded with data of varying quality, not least via the Internet, computerised tools are becoming useful to 'mine' useful data from the mass available.

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    Intelligent Distributed Video Surveillance Systems

    Sergio A. Velastin, Paolo Remagnino  2006

    There is a growing interest in the development and deployment of intelligent surveillance systems in public and private locations. This book consists of a selection of extended versions of presentations made in two symposia on intelligent distributed surveillance systems (IDSS) and brings together the latest developments in the field.

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    Troubled IT Projects

    Prevention and turnaround  
    John M. Smith  2001

    This book provides systematic guidance on how to sense and avoid the causes of IT project failure at every step, from project conception to the disposal of the system after a long and beneficial operational life. The author takes the reader through every stage of the process, pointing out pitfalls and suggesting tactics as you go.

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    Big Data and Software Defined Networks

    Javid Taheri  2018

    Big Data Analytics and Software Defined Networking (SDN) are helping to drive the management of data usage of the extraordinary increase of computer processing power provided by Cloud Data Centres (CDCs). This new book investigates areas where Big-Data and SDN can help each other in delivering more efficient services.