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    AI for Emerging Verticals

    Human-robot computing, sensing and networking  
    Muhammad Zeeshan Shakir, Naeem Ramzan  2020

    This edited book explores novel concepts and cutting-edge research and developments towards designing fully automated advanced digital systems. Fostered by technological advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, such systems potentially have a wide range of applications in robotics, human computing, sensing and networking.

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    Blockchains for Network Security

    Principles, technologies and applications  
    Haojun Huang, Lizhe Wang, Yulei Wu, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo  2020

    Presenting a comprehensive view of blockchain technologies for network security from principles to core technologies and applications, this book offers unprecedented insights into recent advances and developments in these areas, and how they can make blockchain technologies associated with networks more secure and fit-for-purpose.

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    Edge Computing

    Models, technologies and applications  
    Javid Taheri, Shuiguang Deng  2020

    This book provides valuable insights for ICTs engineers, scientists, researchers, developers and practitioners who are involved in developing and implementing edge and cloud-based solutions ranging from sensors and actuators to cloud-based back-end systems.

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    Intelligent Distributed Video Surveillance Systems

    Sergio A. Velastin, Paolo Remagnino  2006

    There is a growing interest in the development and deployment of intelligent surveillance systems in public and private locations. This book consists of a selection of extended versions of presentations made in two symposia on intelligent distributed surveillance systems (IDSS) and brings together the latest developments in the field.

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    Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

    M.A. Bramer  1999

    This book reviews some of the underlying technologies and also some recent applications in a number of fields. In a world increasingly overloaded with data of varying quality, not least via the Internet, computerised tools are becoming useful to 'mine' useful data from the mass available.