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    Wind Turbine System Design

    Volume 2: Electrical systems, grid integration, control and monitoring  
    Jan Wenske  2023

    Wind energy is a pillar of the emerging clean energy system. This volume, written by industry experts, is the complete reference on how to configure efficient wind turbine systems, focusing on the generator, converter, their control, automation and maintenance.

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    High Voltage Power Transformers

    State of the art and technological innovations  
    Stefano Zunino, Marino Sforna, Fabrizio Ferrari  2023

    Transformers convert electric power from one voltage system to another. They are essential for electric power systems. This book covers key developments in high voltage transformer technology that are critical to adapting power systems to rising shares of renewables.

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    Power System Strength

    Evaluation methods, best practice, case studies, and applications  
    Hassan Haes Alhelou, Nasser Hosseinzadeh, Behrooz Bahrani  2023

    The comprehensive resource on measuring and improving the strength of power systems with distributed generation and loads. Covering the latest evaluation methods, best practice, case studies, and applications, the book enables researchers to advance the movement towards stable clean power systems.

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    Green HV Switching Technologies for Modern Power Networks

    Kaveh Niayesh  2023

    This concise review covers the recent advances in development of environmentally friendly high voltage switching equipment, addressing both AC and DC interruption in modern power networks. Applications of DC at different voltage levels for various purposes are covered.

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    Distributed Energy Storage in Urban Smart Grids

    Paulo F. Ribeiro, Rafael S. Salles  2023

    Offering a comprehensive and structured overview of deploying energy storage for renewables in urban areas, this book covers grid resilience, EV usage and charging infrastructure, standards and grid codes, monitoring and power quality, hosting capacity, intelligent electricity markets, and integrated operation.