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    VLSI and Post-CMOS Electronics

    Volume 2: Devices, circuits and interconnects  
    Rohit Dhiman, Rajeevan Chandel  2019

    VLSI and Post-CMOS Electronics is a useful reference guide for researchers, engineers and advanced students working in the area of design and modelling of VLSI and post-CMOS devices and their circuits.

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    Asynchronous Circuit Applications

    Jia Di, Scott C. Smith  2019

    This book introduces a wide range of existing and potential applications for asynchronous circuits, each accompanied with the corresponding circuit design theory, sample circuit implementations, results, and analysis.

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    Frontiers in Securing IP Cores

    Forensic detective control and obfuscation techniques  
    Anirban Sengupta  2019

    This book presents advanced forensic detective control and obfuscation techniques for securing hardware IP cores by exploring beyond conventional technologies.

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    Negative Group Delay Devices

    From concepts to applications  
    Blaise Ravelo  2018

    This book introduces the theoretical concept, analysis, design methodology and implementation of negative group delay (NGD). The NGD concept is a recent topic in electrical and electronic engineering research based on an unconventional function; the generation of an output signal seemingly in time-advance of the input signal.

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    Functionality-Enhanced Devices

    An alternative to Moore's Law  
    Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon  2018

    The book provides thorough and systematic coverage of enhanced-functionality devices and their use in proof-of-concept circuits and architectures. The theory and materials science behind these devices are addressed in detail, and various experimental fabrication techniques are explored.

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    Microwave Measurements, 3rd Edition

    R.J. Collier, A.D. Skinner  2007

    This book includes a survey of the theory of current microwave circuits as well as a description of the techniques for the measurement of power, spectrum, attenaution, circuit parameters, and noise, measurements of antenna characteristics, free fields, modulation and dielectric parameters.

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    Self-Healing Materials, 2nd Edition

    From fundamental concepts to advanced space and electronics applications  
    Brahim Aïssa, Emile Haddad, Wez Jamroz  2019

    This book addresses the key concepts of self-healing processes, from their occurrences in nature through to recent advances in academic and industrial research. It includes a detailed description and explanation of a wide range of materials and applications such as polymeric, anticorrosion, smart paints, and carbon nanotubes.

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    Oscillator Circuits

    Frontiers in design, analysis and applications  
    Yoshifumi Nishio  2016

    This book surveys recent developments in the design, analysis and applications of oscillator circuit design. It highlights developments in the analysis of synchronization and wave phenomena, new analytical and design methods and their application, and novel engineering applications of oscillator circuits.

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    Principles of Microwave Measurements

    G.H. Bryant  1993

    The book covers the fundamental theoretical bases of modern microwave measurements in the time and frequency domains, including reflectometry, spectrum analysers, vector and scalar analysers, multiports, power, noise, frequency stability and time domain reflectometry.

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    Analogue IC Design

    The current-mode approach  
    C. Toumazou, F.J. Lidgey, D.G. Haigh  1993

    This book has become the essential title covering the current-mode approach to integrated circuit design. The approach has sparked much interest in analogue electronics and is linked to important advances in integratedcircuit technology, such as CMOS VLSI which allows mixed analogue and digital circuits and high-speed GaAs processing.