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    Asynchronous Circuit Applications

    Jia Di, Scott C. Smith

    This book introduces a wide range of existing and potential applications for asynchronous circuits, each accompanied with the corresponding circuit design theory, sample circuit implementations, results, and analysis.

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    Expected by: 01 June 2020

    Phase-Locked Frequency Generation and Clocking

    Architectures and circuits for modern wireless and wireline systems  
    Woogeun Rhee

    This book addresses essential topics and issues in current Phase-Locked Loop design, from fundamentals to practical design aspects. Both wireless and wireline systems are considered in the design of low noise frequency generation and clocking systems.

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    Frontiers in Securing IP Cores

    Forensic detective control and obfuscation techniques  
    Anirban Sengupta

    This book presents advanced forensic detective control and obfuscation techniques for securing hardware IP cores by exploring beyond conventional technologies.