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    Negative Group Delay Devices

    From concepts to applications  
    Blaise Ravelo  2018

    This book introduces the theoretical concept, analysis, design methodology and implementation of negative group delay (NGD). The NGD concept is a recent topic in electrical and electronic engineering research based on an unconventional function; the generation of an output signal seemingly in time-advance of the input signal.

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    Functionality-Enhanced Devices

    An alternative to Moore's Law  
    Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon  2018

    The book provides thorough and systematic coverage of enhanced-functionality devices and their use in proof-of-concept circuits and architectures. The theory and materials science behind these devices are addressed in detail, and various experimental fabrication techniques are explored.

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    Self-Healing Materials, 2nd Edition

    From fundamental concepts to advanced space and electronics applications  
    Brahim Aïssa, Emile Haddad, Wez Jamroz  2019

    This book addresses the key concepts of self-healing processes, from their occurrences in nature through to recent advances in academic and industrial research. It includes a detailed description and explanation of a wide range of materials and applications such as polymeric, anticorrosion, smart paints, and carbon nanotubes.

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    Hardware Architectures for Deep Learning

    Masoud Daneshtalab, Mehdi Modarressi  2020

    This book discusses innovative ideas in the design, modelling, implementation, and optimization of hardware platforms for neural networks. The book provides an overview of this emerging field, from principles to applications, for researchers, postgraduate students and engineers who work on learning-based services and hardware platforms.