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    Analogue IC Design

    The current-mode approach  
    C. Toumazou, F.J. Lidgey, D.G. Haigh  1993

    This book has become the essential title covering the current-mode approach to integrated circuit design. The approach has sparked much interest in analogue electronics and is linked to important advances in integratedcircuit technology, such as CMOS VLSI which allows mixed analogue and digital circuits and high-speed GaAs processing.

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    Principles of Microwave Measurements

    G.H. Bryant  1993

    The book covers the fundamental theoretical bases of modern microwave measurements in the time and frequency domains, including reflectometry, spectrum analysers, vector and scalar analysers, multiports, power, noise, frequency stability and time domain reflectometry.

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    A Handbook for EMC Testing and Measurement

    David Morgan  1994

    This major reference book is aimed at engineers and technical managers concerned with EMC (electromagnetic compatibility). It explains why EMC testing is necessary, what standards must be met, how such testing is carried out (and therefore how to prepare for it), what accuracy and repeatability can be expected, and when to test.

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    Oscillator Circuits

    Frontiers in design, analysis and applications  
    Yoshifumi Nishio  2016

    This book surveys recent developments in the design, analysis and applications of oscillator circuit design. It highlights developments in the analysis of synchronization and wave phenomena, new analytical and design methods and their application, and novel engineering applications of oscillator circuits.

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    Emerging CMOS Capacitive Sensors for Biomedical Applications

    A multidisciplinary approach  
    Ebrahim Ghafar-Zadeh, Saghi Forouhi  2021

    Developing capacitive sensors for use in life sciences requires thorough knowledge of both the intended biological applications and CMOS circuitry. This book addresses the principles, design, implementation and testing, and packaging of CMOS circuits for biomedical applications, plus relevant biological protocols.