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    Telecommunications Regulation

    John Buckley  2003

    Telecommunications Regulation discusses typical regulatory rules and the legal and administrative framework for regulation, and looks at regulatory strategies, market structures and approaches to price control.

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    Video Compression Systems

    From first principles to concatenated codecs  
    Alois M. Bock  2009

    This book gives an overview on many practical aspects of video compression systems used in broadcast TV, IPTV, telecommunication and many other video applications. Although the book concentrates on MPEG real-time video compression systems, many aspects are equally applicable to off-line and/or non-MPEG video compression applications.

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    Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol)

    Systems and solutions  
    Richard Swale  2001

    This book examines VoIP as a technology and its consideration within the industry, the motivations for VoIP networks, a review of the status of the major components of a VoIP network and their development, and both current and emerging applications.

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    Understanding Telecommunications Networks, 2nd Edition

    Andy Valdar  2017

    A telecommunications network is an electronic system of links, nodes and the controls that govern their operations to allow voice and data transfer among users and devices. This fully revised, updated and expanded second edition covers all aspects of today's networks, including how they are planned, formed and operated.

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    Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSATs)

    John Everett  1992

    This book describes the key technologies, representative leading systems, technical issues and economics and regulations of Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSATs).

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    World Telecommunications Economics

    Jeffery J. Wheatley  1999

    This book bridges the worlds of the economist, the engineer, the regulator and the manager. It outlines the technology of the subject in sufficient detail to provide an understanding of the industry's economics, and presents a comprehensive picture of the markets into which its products and services are sold.