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    Managing the Internet of Things

    Architectures, theories and applications  
    Jun Huang, Kun Hua  2016

    The implementation and deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) brings with it management challenges around seamless integration, heterogeneity, scalability, mobility, security, and many other issues. This comprehensive book explores these challenges and looks at possible solutions.

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    Mobile and Wireless Communications

    Key technologies and future applications  
    Peter Smyth  2004

    This book reviews the contribution of different wireless access technologies to that future and looks at the opportunities of opening up access to telecommunications systems, via application programming interfaces APIs). The economic and regulatory issues associated with wireless communications are also discussed.

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    Modern Personal Radio Systems

    R.C.V. Macario  1996

    An exciting treatment of the practical developments in personal and mobile radio, this book gives a clear and detailed insight into many of the fundamental problems and solutions of practical systems development.

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    Network as a Service for Next Generation Internet

    Qiang Duan, Shangguang Wang  2017

    This book presents the state of the art of the Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) paradigm, including its concepts, architecture, key technologies, applications, and development directions for future network service provisioning. It provides a comprehensive reference that reflects the most current technical developments related to NaaS.

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    Radio Spectrum Management, 2nd Edition

    Management of the spectrum and regulation of radio services  
    David Withers  1999

    This book reviews the processes of interference management, regulation of competing service providers and system standardisation for the control and use of the radiospectrum.

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    Satellite Communication Systems, 3rd Edition

    B.G. Evans  1999

    The book is very clear and comprehensive. The scope of the book is very large: almost all aspects of current satellite communication systems are studied. Hence, the book keeps its promise in that it provides a quick start for someone who is new to the satellite communications business.

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    Security for Mobility

    Chris J. Mitchell  2003

    This book covers many aspects of security for mobility including current developments, underlying technologies, network security, mobile code issues, application security and the future.