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    Common-Channel Signalling

    Richard J. Manterfield  1991

    A highly readable and lucid introduction to the complex subject of signalling enabling the reader to understand detailed signalling specifications and international standards recommendations.

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    Digital Signal Filtering, Analysis and Restoration

    Jiří Jan  2000

    Aiming to give an introduction to the basic theory of digital signal processing and analysis, this book starts by providing the theoretical background and principal methods for one-dimensional signals before building to more complex signals.

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    Dynamic Ad Hoc Networks

    Habib F. Rashvand, Han-Chieh Chao  2013

    Dynamic Ad Hoc Networks presents selective recent and important research ideas in this field and provides a timely snapshot of potential developments covering network control, network topology, routing and scheduling for various aspects of implementation, applications and associated attributes.

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    Future Mobile Networks

    3G and beyond  
    Alan Clapton  2001

    This book explores the future of mobile communications networks given the increasing demands for services and higher quality, as well as continued growth in the cellular mobile marketplace.

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    Intelligent Networks

    Principles and applications  
    John Anderson  2002

    This book explains the principles of intelligent telecommunications networks and illustrates them with many practical examples of applications. Although international standards are beginning to emerge, they are far from simple and this text offers insight into the underlying principles.

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    Local Access Network Technologies

    Paul France  2004

    This book presents an overview of local access networks and discusses new emerging technologies. Underpinning much of the evolving communications technology is the local access itself, both in traditional form of copper pairs but increasingly too through the use of new fibre, radio and copper systems.