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    Carrier-Scale IP Networks

    Designing and operating Internet networks  
    Peter Willis  2001

    Comprehensively reviewing the design, provision and operations of carrier-scale Internet networks, this book presents a good balance between leading edge technology and many of the practical issues surrounding carrierscale IP networks.

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    Satellite Communication Systems, 3rd Edition

    B.G. Evans  1999

    The book is very clear and comprehensive. The scope of the book is very large: almost all aspects of current satellite communication systems are studied. Hence, the book keeps its promise in that it provides a quick start for someone who is new to the satellite communications business.

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    Advanced Signal Processing

    D.J. Creasey  1985

    This book covers the many aspects of modern signal processing systems from the transduction unit through to the display.

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    The broadband telecommunications solution  
    L.G. Cuthbert, J.-C. Sapanel  1993

    This book explains the basic principles behind ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) technology, focusing especially on network aspects for the use of ATM by the communications industry.

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    Broadband Communications and Home Networking

    Scott R. Bullock  2001

    This book provides the engineer and manager with a very good understanding of the processes needed to effectively perform the system design for broadband communication systems and home networking approaches.

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    Digital Communications

    Principles and systems  
    Ifiok Otung  2014

    This book provides postgraduate students and practising engineers with a thorough grounding in the core principles and design issues of digital communications to meet the industry demand for in-depth expertise in digital transmission techniques.