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    Electricity Distribution Network Design, 2nd Edition

    E. Lakervi, E.J. Holmes  2003

    This second edition deals with the planning and design of modern distribution systems, as opposed to more general aspects of transmission and generation and updates its treatment of computer-based planning and reliability. It also covers the implications of international standards, network information systems and distribution automation.

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    Telecommunications Regulation

    John Buckley  2003

    Telecommunications Regulation discusses typical regulatory rules and the legal and administrative framework for regulation, and looks at regulatory strategies, market structures and approaches to price control.

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    Telecommunications Performance Engineering

    Roger Ackerley  2003

    This book provides an insight into the rich diversity of techniques, tools and knowledge used in performance engineering, covering the whole life cycle from design through to operation - of both networks and systems.

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    Security for Mobility

    Chris J. Mitchell  2003

    This book covers many aspects of security for mobility including current developments, underlying technologies, network security, mobile code issues, application security and the future.

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    Location and Personalisation

    Delivering online and mobility services  
    Daniel Ralph, Stephen Searby  2003

    This books takes a pragmatic look at two particular application technologies - location and personalisation - and presents an understanding of the technical and business impact of these technologies.

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    Wireless Communications Circuits and Systems

    Yichuang Sun  2003

    This book examines integrated circuits, systems and transceivers for wireless and mobile communications. It covers the most recent developments in key RF, IF, analogue, mixed-signal components and single-chip transceivers in CMOS technology.

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    Modern Filter Design

    Active RC and switched capacitor  
    Mohammed S. Ghausi, Kenneth R. Laker  2003

    This book covers: Basic systems classifications together with filter transmission and approximations; Operational amplifiers, including bipolar and MOS integrators; Definitions of sensitivity and statistical sensitivity measures; Continuous-time second-order active sections; Higher-order filter design; Switched capacitor filters.

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    Electric Railways

    Michael C. Duffy  2003

    This book presents a thorough survey of electric railway development from the earliest days of the London Underground to modern electrified mainline trains.

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    Thermal Power Plant Simulation and Control

    Damian Flynn  2003

    Contributors of world-class excellence are brought together in Thermal Power Plant Simulation and Control to illustrate how current areas of research can be applied to power plant operation, leading to enhanced unit performance, asset management andplant competitiveness through intelligent monitoring and control strategies.

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    Electrical Operation of Electrostatic Precipitators

    Ken Parker  2003

    This book identifies the physical and engineering basis for the development of electrical equipment for electrostatic precipitators and thoroughly explores the technological factors which optimise the efficiency of the precipitator and hence minimise emissions, as well as future developments in the electrical field.

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    Propagation of Radiowaves, 2nd Edition

    Les Barclay  2003

    This book has been fully updated to reflect the latest developments in the field of radio communications. This book introduces the basic concepts and mechanisms of radiowave propagation engineering in both the troposphere and ionosphere, and includes greater emphasis on the needs of digital technologies and new kinds of radio systems.