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    Electrical Plugs and Wiring and World Electricity Supplies

    This two part international survey has been compiled by technical specialists based on data obtained from the authorities in each of the countries concerned. It provides essential information for any manufacturer, exporter or supplier of electrical goods or services.
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    Electron-Gated Ion Channels

    With Amplification by NH3 Inversion Resonance  
    Wilson P. Ralston  2005

    For the first time, this book presents a comprehensive analysis, based on electrons controlling the ion channel gates. The theory and gating model are extensively linked to published experimental observations. The intrinsic simplicity of electron gating elucidates mechanisms important to the functions of nerve cells.

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    Wood Pole Overhead Lines

    Brian Wareing  2005

    This book concentrates on the mechanical aspects of distribution wood pole lines, including live line working, environmental influences, climate change and international standards.

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    Short-circuit Currents

    J. Schlabbach  2005

    Short-circuit Currents gives an overview of the components within power systems with respect to the parameters needed for short-circuit current calculation.

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    Radar Imaging and Holography

    A. Pasmurov, J. Zinoviev  2005

    The book focuses on holography and tomography for quasimonochromatic and broadband signals, and gives detailed coverage of the basic physical methods, inverse problems and mathematical principles.

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    Motion Vision

    Design of compact motion sensing solutions for navigation of autonomous systems  
    J. Kolodko, L. Vlacic  2005

    This comprehensive book deals with motion estimation for autonomous systems from a biological, algorithmic and digital perspective. An algorithm, which is based on the optical flow constraint equation, is described in detail.

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    Intelligent Control Systems using Computational Intelligence Techniques

    A.E. Ruano  2005

    Intelligent Control techniques are becoming important tools in both academia and industry. Methodologies developed in the field of soft-computing, such as neural networks, fuzzy systems and evolutionary computation, can lead to accommodation of more complex processes, improved performance and considerable time savings and cost reductions.

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    Trusted Computing

    Chris Mitchell  2005

    This book provides an introduction to trusted computing technology and its applications. As computers are increasingly embedded and wireless connected, security becomes imperative.