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    Numerical Methods for Engineering

    An introduction using MATLAB® and computational electromagnetics examples  
    Karl F. Warnick  2010

    This textbook teaches students to create computer codes used to engineer antennas, microwave circuits, and other critical technologies for wireless communications and other applications of electromagnetic fields and waves. Worked code examples are provided for MATLAB technical computing software.

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    Solar Photovoltaic Energy

    Anne Labouret, Michel Villoz  2010

    Solar Photovoltaic Energy is a professional manual for designers, installers and managers and gives a detailed account of the physical phenomena as well as the available technology and technology currently in development for photovoltaic energy.

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    Resources, technologies and the environment  
    Christian Ngô  2010

    Energy: Resources, technologies and the environment is aimed at students and professionals as well as anyone interested in having a global vision and perspective on energy.

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    Pocket Radar Guide

    Key radar facts, equations, and data  
    G. Richard Curry  2010

    The Pocket Radar Guide is a concise collection of key radar facts and important radar data that provides the reader with necessary radar information when they are away from the office or references.

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    Fundamentals of Wave Phenomena, 2nd Edition

    Akira Hirose, Karl E. Lonngren  2010

    This textbook provides a unified treatment of waves that either occur naturally or can be excited and propagated in various media. This includes both longitudinal and transverse waves. The book covers both mechanical and electrical waves, which are normally covered separately due to their differences in physical phenomena.

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    Advances in Cognitive Systems

    Samia Nefti, John Gray  2010

    Advances in Cognitive Systems brings together a wide range of material from leading workers in the field as well as the outputs from research groups around the world, covering the two principal cognition paradigms of cognitivism and emergence.