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    On-Board Guide: Electrical Safety for Small Craft

    An IET Guide covering the safety of DC and AC electrical systems in small craft navigating on UK inland waterways and surrounding sea areas  

    This new On-Board Guide provides practical advice on the design, installation, testing, commissioning, and maintenance of electrical installations on small recreational and commercial craft.

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    Student's Guide to the IET Wiring Regulations, 3rd Edition

    The Student's Guide to the IET Wiring Regulations is designed for students studying for a career in the electrotechnical industry. The content will enhance the reader's understanding of the IET Wiring Regulations and how to interpret them, as well as integrating with current qualifications being delivered.

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    Electrician's Guide to the Building Regulations, 6th Edition

    Electrician's Guide to the Building Regulations includes the latest guidance on third-party certification schemes and covers relevant parts of the Building Regulations, including Fire Safety, Ventilation and Conservation of Energy. This guide has been fully updated to BS 7671:2018+A2:2022.

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    On-Site Guide (BS 7671:2018+A2:2022), 8th Edition

    The On-Site Guide is an essential guide to BS 7671. It enables the competent electrician to deal with installations (up to 100 A, 3-phase) providing information in a convenient, easy-to-use format. This publication has been further updated to include two subsequent amendments to the IET Wiring Regulations as BS 7671:2018+A2:2022.

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    Electrician's Guide to Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems, 3rd Edition

    The Electrician's Guide to Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems, 3rd Edition is ideal for individuals involved in the design and installation of fire detection systems as part of electrical installations. It offers information, advice, and guidance on managing BS 7671 and BS 5839 requirements.

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    Practitioner's Guide to Temporary Power Systems

    James Eade  2019

    This Guide provides clarity on the technical and practical requirements of BS 7671:2018 The IET Wiring Regulations 18th Edition and BS 7909:2011 Code of Practice for temporary electrical systems for entertainment and related purposes that are relevant to all those working with temporary power systems.

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    Radar Essentials

    A concise handbook for radar design and performance analysis  
    G. Richard Curry  2011

    When you need vital data fast, turn to Radar Essentials. This compact yet comprehensive reference has compiled the most used principles, data, tables, and equations that are used by radar and aerospace system designers on a daily basis.

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    Pocket Radar Guide

    Key radar facts, equations, and data  
    G. Richard Curry  2010

    The Pocket Radar Guide is a concise collection of key radar facts and important radar data that provides the reader with necessary radar information when they are away from the office or references.

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    EMC Pocket Guide

    Key EMC facts, equations and data  
    Kenneth Wyatt, Randy J. Jost  2013

    EMC Pocket Guide: Key EMC facts, equations and data covers radiated emissions (RE), frequency versus time domain, common PC board Issues and effects of ESD / preventing ESD problems.

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    Electronic Warfare Pocket Guide

    David L. Adamy  2011

    The Electronic Warfare Pocket Guide is the perfect companion for any user that needs to access key definitions, concepts, and equations for their work in the field, lab, or even in military theater of operations.

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    Electrician's Guide to Emergency Lighting, 3rd Edition

    The Electrician's Guide to Emergency Lighting, 3rd Edition has been updated to take into account changes to the Code of Practice for the Emergency Lighting of Premises in BS 5266-1:2016.