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    Computer Control of Real-Time Processes

    S. Bennett, G.S. Virk  1990

    This book provides an introduction to many aspects of computer control. It covers techniques or control algorithm design and tuning of controllers; computer communications; parallel processing; and software design and implementation.

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    Continuous Time Controller Design

    R. Balasubramanian  1989

    Continuous Time Controller Design covers theoretical methods for the design of continuous time controllers for linear multivariate systems. This book brings together state space and frequency domain design methods for linear multivariable systems.

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    Design of Modern Control Systems

    D.J. Bell, P.A. Cook, N. Munro  1982

    This book presents developments in analysis and design techniques for control systems. Included are exciting results for feedback systems using complex variable methods, the important concept of robustness in controller design and the increasingly important topic of decentralised control for large scale systems.

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    Deterministic Control of Uncertain Systems

    A.S.I. Zinober  1990

    Includes sections on: Sliding mode control with switching command devices. Hyperplane design and CAD of variable structure control systems. Variable structure controllers for robots. The hyperstability approach to VSCS design. Nonlinear continuous feedback for robust tracking. Control of infinite dimensional plants.

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    Digital Signal Processing

    Principles, devices and applications  
    N.B. Jones, J.D.McK. Watson  1990

    This book is different from others in the field in that it not only presents the fundamentals of DSP ranging from data conversion to z-transforms and spectral analysis, extending this into the areas of digital filtering and control, but also gives significant detail of the new devices themselves and how to use them.

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    Flight Control Systems

    Practical issues in design and implementation  
    Roger W. Pratt  2000

    A complete reference on modern flight control methods for fixed-wing aircraft, this authoritative book includes contributions from an international group of experts in their respective specialised fields, largely from industry.