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    SiC Power Module Design

    Performance, robustness and reliability  
    Alberto Castellazzi, Andrea Irace  2021

    Wide Bandgap semiconductor devices offer higher efficiency, smaller size, less weight, and longer lifetime, with applications in power grid electronics and electromobility. This book describes the state of advanced packaging solutions for novel wide-band-gap semiconductors, specifically silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs and diodes.

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    Silicon Solar Cell Metallization and Module Technology

    Thorsten Dullweber, Loic Tous  2021

    Metallization is a key step in manufacturing of efficient and reliable solar cells. Written by world-wide renowned experts, this work covers metallization technologies, before describing ongoing R&D activities for the most relevant silicon solar cells metallization technologies. Later chapters deal with aspects of solar cell modules.

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    Surge Protection for Low Voltage Systems

    Alain Rousseau  2021

    Protection of low-voltage electrical and electronic equipment and systems from lightning strikes and other power surges is vital for computing, telecommunications, transportation, power grids, distributed energy and charging installations. This systematic treatise covers surge causes, risk assessment, and protective measures.

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    Medium Voltage DC System Architectures

    Brandon Grainger, Rik W. De Doncker  2021

    A concise and hands-on overview of medium voltage direct current (MVDC) technology for electric power grids, written by international experts with broad experience. The book covers fundamentals, converters, transformers and control for both stationary and mobile applications.

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    Coordination of Distributed Energy Resources in Microgrids

    Optimisation, control, and hardware-in-the-loop validation  
    Yan Xu, Yu Wang, Cuo Zhang, Zhengmao Li  2021

    A structured research overview of techniques to manage microgrids with distributed energy resources (DERs). The focus is on coordination on both temporal and spatial scales. Chapters cover mathematical models, sizing and siting of DERs, robust optimisation, distributed coordinated control, and hardware-in-the-loop tests.

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    Synchronous Reluctance Machines

    Analysis, optimization and applications  
    Nicola Bianchi, Cristian Babetto, Giacomo Bacco  2021

    The comprehensive reference on synchronous reluctance machines, which offer high power density at low cost and support the electrification in the transport sector. This book, written by top academic and industry experts, covers all topics required to design these machines.

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    Battery State Estimation

    Methods and models  
    Shunli Wang  2021

    Batteries are vital for storing renewable energy for stationary and mobile applications. Managing batteries requires knowledge of parameters such as charge and power output. State estimation estimates such parameters using measurement and modelling; a process conveyed in this book through experimental results and verification.