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    Large Scale Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Sources

    Antonio Moreno-Munoz  2017

    This book presents comprehensive coverage of the means to integrate renewable power, namely wind and solar power. It looks at new approaches to meet the challenges, such as increasing interconnection capacity among geographical areas, hybridisation of different distributed energy resources and building up demand response capabilities.

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    Local Energy

    Distributed generation of heat and power  
    Janet Wood  2008

    In future the UK's energy supplies, for both heat and power, will come from much more diverse sources. In many cases this will mean local energy projects serving a local community or even a single house.

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    Lightning Electromagnetics

    Vernon Cooray  2012

    Lightning research is an interdisciplinary subject where several branches of engineering and physics converge. Lightning Electromagnetics is a book that caters for the needs of both physicists and engineers.

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    The Lightning Flash, 2nd Edition

    Vernon Cooray  2014

    This updated and expanded new edition of Cooray's classic text provides the reader with a thorough background in almost every aspect of lightning and its impact on electrical and electronic equipment.

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    Lightning Protection

    Vernon Cooray  2009

    This book provides the reader with a thorough background in almost every aspect of lightning protection.

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    Microgrids and Active Distribution Networks

    S. Chowdhury, S.P. Chowdhury, P. Crossley  2009

    Microgrids and Active Distribution Networks offer a potential solution for sustainable, energy-efficient power supply to cater for increasing load growth, supplying power to remote areas, generation of clean power and reduction in emission of greenhouse gases & particulates as per Kyoto protocol.

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    Modeling and Dynamic Behaviour of Hydropower Plants

    Nand Kishor, Jesus Fraile-Ardunuy  2017

    This book presents a systematic approach to mathematical modeling of different configurations of hydropower plants over four sections - modeling and simulation approaches; control of hydropower plants; operation and scheduling of hydropower plants, including pumped storage; and special features of small hydropower plants.

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    Modelling Distributed Energy Resources in Energy Service Networks

    Salvador Acha  2013

    Modelling Distributed Energy Resources in Energy Service Networks focuses on modelling two key infrastructures in urban energy systems with embedded technologies. These infrastructures are natural gas and electricity networks and the embedded technologies include cogeneration and electric vehicle devices.