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    Overhead Electric Power Lines

    Theory and practice  
    Surajit Chattopadhyay, Arabinda Das  2021

    Overhead power lines are the only way to electrify many communities. Massive experience has been gained with electrification projects that can be used world-wide. This work presents the technology of overhead power lines, including sag, insulators, conductors, lightning, and grounding.

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    Artificial Intelligence for Smarter Power Systems

    Fuzzy logic and neural networks  
    Marcelo Godoy Simões  2021

    This book covers the use of fuzzy logic for power grids. Power systems need to accommodate intermittent renewables and changes in loads while ensuring high power quality. Fuzzy logic uses values between 0 and 1 rather than binary ones, offering advantages in adaptability for energy systems with renewables.

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    Lithium-ion Batteries Enabled by Silicon Anodes

    Chunmei Ban, Kang Xu  2021

    Deploying lithium-ion batteries depends on cost-effective materials with high energy and power density to facilitate lower weight. Si-based anode materials offer superior storage capacity. This reference presents current knowledge about the use of silicon and its derivates for Li-ion batteries.

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    Utility-scale Wind Turbines and Wind Farms

    Ahmad Vasel-Be-Hagh, David S-K. Ting  2021

    Wind power is a pillar of low emission energy systems. Many recent advances have been achieved in multiple aspects of utility-scale wind power. This structured review conveys recent progress involving aerodynamics, layout, control, environmental concerns, forecasting and intermittency, combination with PV and offshore farms.

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    Model Predictive Control for Microgrids

    From power electronic converters to energy management  
    Jiefeng Hu, Josep Guerrero, Syed Islam  2021

    Model predictive control (MPC) is a method for controlling a process while satisfying a set of constraints. The use of MPC for controlling power systems has been gaining traction in recent years. This work presents the use of MPC for distributed renewable power generation in microgrids.

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    Offshore Wind Power, 2nd Edition

    Reliability, availability and maintenance  
    Peter Tavner  2021

    The new, thoroughly revised edition of this classic book on offshore wind farm reliability. This work captures the latest developments in turbine and farm design, monitoring, safety and maintenance of a centre pillar of the emerging carbon free energy system.

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    Compressed Air Energy Storage

    Types, systems and applications  
    David S-K. Ting, Jacqueline A. Stagner  2021

    A systematic overview of the state of Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) technology, covering the key components and principal types of systems in the order of technical maturity: diabatic, adiabatic, and isothermal. Existing major systems and prototypes and economics are also addressed.