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    Introduction to Biomechatronics

    Graham M. Brooker  2012

    Introduction to Biomechatronics provides biomedical engineering students and professionals with the fundamental mechatronic (mechanics, electronics, robotics) engineering knowledge they need to analyze and design devices that improve lives.

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    Modern Filter Design

    Active RC and switched capacitor  
    Mohammed S. Ghausi, Kenneth R. Laker  2003

    This book covers: Basic systems classifications together with filter transmission and approximations; Operational amplifiers, including bipolar and MOS integrators; Definitions of sensitivity and statistical sensitivity measures; Continuous-time second-order active sections; Higher-order filter design; Switched capacitor filters.

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    Foundations of Digital Signal Processing

    Theory, algorithms and hardware design  
    Patrick Gaydecki  2004

    This book covers the basic theoretical, algorithmic and real-time aspects of digital signal processing (DSP). Detailed information is provided on off-line, real-time and DSP programming and the reader is effortlessly guided through advanced topics such as DSP hardware design, FIR and IIR filter design and difference equation manipulation.

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    Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Levitation

    Engineering sustainability through efficiency  
    Alan J. Sangster  2012

    This book aims to make aspiring and existing electrical engineers aware of the efficiency implications of frictionless machines and how important this may be in a post fossil-fuel world in which the energy available from renewable sources is strictly limited.

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    The Handbook of Electrical Resistivity

    New materials and pressure effects  
    Gordon Dyos  2012

    This new edition of the acclaimed Electrical Resistivity Handbook brings together advances in the field over the last two decades in which much has been achieved in the fields of new materials and superconductivity.

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    Heat Management in Integrated Circuits

    On-chip and system-level monitoring and cooling  
    Seda Ogrenci-Memik  2015

    This essential overview covers the subject of thermal monitoring and management in integrated circuits. Specifically, it focuses on devices and materials that are intimately integrated on-chip (as opposed to in-package or on-board) for the purposes of thermal monitoring and thermal management.