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    Electrical Craft Principles, 5th Edition

    Volume 2  
    John Whitfield  2009

    This is the second of a two-volume work covering the electrical principles syllabuses of all of the major examining bodies including the City & Guilds of London Institute's electrical craft courses. It is also suitable for a wide range of other courses, including the first three years of the BTEC electrical series.

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    Electrical Degradation and Breakdown in Polymers

    L.A. Dissado, J.C. Fothergill  1992
    Gary Stevens  1992

    The book is in five parts: Part 1: Introduction to polymers and electrical breakdown. Part 2: Treeing degradation in polymers. Part 3: Deterministic mechanisms of breakdowns. Part 4: The stochastic nature of breakdown. Part 5: Engineering considerations for breakdown testing and degradation assessment.

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    Electron-Gated Ion Channels

    With Amplification by NH3 Inversion Resonance  
    Wilson P. Ralston  2005

    For the first time, this book presents a comprehensive analysis, based on electrons controlling the ion channel gates. The theory and gating model are extensively linked to published experimental observations. The intrinsic simplicity of electron gating elucidates mechanisms important to the functions of nerve cells.

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    The Current Comparator

    W.J.M. Moore, P.N. Miljanic  1988

    This book presents the basic theory of the current comparator, methods of construction leading to high ratio accuracies and the operating principles of the various applications.

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    Digital and Analogue Instrumentation

    Testing and measurement  
    Nihal Kularatna  2002

    This book provides a state-of-the art review of modern families of digital instruments. For each family the book covers internal design, use and applications, highlighting their advantages and limitations from a practical application viewpoint.

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    High Frequency MOSFET Gate Drivers

    Technologies and applications  
    ZhiLiang Zhang, Yan-Fei Liu  2017

    This book describes high frequency power MOSFET gate driver technologies, including gate drivers for GaN HEMTs, which have great potential in the next generation of switching power converters. Gate drivers serve as a critical role between control and power devices.