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    Gyrators, Simulated Inductors and Related Immittances

    Realizations and applications  
    Raj Senani, Data Ram Bhaskar, Vinod Kumar Singh, Abdhesh Kumar Singh  2020

    This book provides coverage of the major gyrator circuits, simulated inductors and related synthetic impedances. It offers a review of research in this field to date, and includes a wide range and number of circuit examples, along with their relevant design equations, limitations, performance features, advantages and shortcomings.

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    MEMS Resonator Filters

    Rajendra M. Patrikar  2020

    This book explores the challenges and opportunities of developing circuits with MEMS resonator filters. The replacement of classical electrical components with electromechanical components is explored in this book, and the specific properties of MEMS resonators required in various frequency ranges are discussed.

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    Phase-Locked Frequency Generation and Clocking

    Architectures and circuits for modern wireless and wireline systems  
    Woogeun Rhee  2020

    This book covers essential topics and issues in current Phase-Locked Loop design, from fundamentals to practical design aspects. Both wireless and wireline systems are considered in the design of low noise frequency generation and clocking systems.

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    Hardware Architectures for Deep Learning

    Masoud Daneshtalab, Mehdi Modarressi  2020

    This book discusses innovative ideas in the design, modelling, implementation, and optimization of hardware platforms for neural networks. The book provides an overview of this emerging field, from principles to applications, for researchers, postgraduate students and engineers who work on learning-based services and hardware platforms.

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    Sensors, Actuators, and their Interfaces

    A multidisciplinary introduction  
    Nathan Ida  2013

    This book brings sensors, actuators and interfaces out of obscurity and integrates them for multiple disciplines including electrical, mechanical, chemical, and biomedical engineering. Real world cases, worked examples, and problem sets with selected answers provide both fundamental understanding and how industry develops sensor systems.

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    Low-power HF Microelectronics

    A unified approach  
    Gerson A.S. Machado  1996

    This book brings together innovative modelling, simulation and design techniques in CMOS, SOI, GaAs and BJT to achieve successful high-yield manufacture for low-power, high-speed and reliable-by-design analogue and mixed-mode integrated systems.