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    MF/2 (Revision 1)

    MF/2 is a key industry Model Form of General Conditions of Contract for use in connection with home or overseas contracts for the supply of electrical, electronic or mechanical plant. In addition to its ‘General Conditions’ it also includes sets of additional unique ‘Special Conditions’.
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    World Telecommunications Economics

    Jeffery J. Wheatley  1999

    This book bridges the worlds of the economist, the engineer, the regulator and the manager. It outlines the technology of the subject in sufficient detail to provide an understanding of the industry's economics, and presents a comprehensive picture of the markets into which its products and services are sold.

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    Telecommunications Signalling

    Richard Manterfield  1999

    Telecommunications Signalling offers an introduction to the principles of signalling systems along with an in-depth examination of their architecture and appeals to a wide range of readership, from those who want to expand their range of knowledge to communications experts.

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    Satellite Communication Systems, 3rd Edition

    B.G. Evans  1999

    The book is very clear and comprehensive. The scope of the book is very large: almost all aspects of current satellite communication systems are studied. Hence, the book keeps its promise in that it provides a quick start for someone who is new to the satellite communications business.

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    Radio Spectrum Management, 2nd Edition

    Management of the spectrum and regulation of radio services  
    David Withers  1999

    This book reviews the processes of interference management, regulation of competing service providers and system standardisation for the control and use of the radiospectrum.

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    The Correspondence of Michael Faraday

    Volume 4: 1849-1855  
    Frank A.J.L. James  1999

    The letters in this volume concern Faraday's work on topics such as terrestrial and atmospheric magnetism, the electrification of lighthouses and the theory of telegraphic retardation, as well as advice to the Government on the war with Russia, his exclusion from the Sandemanian Church and his views on table turning.

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    Understanding Radar Systems

    Simon Kingsley, Shaun Quegan  1999

    What is radar? What systems are currently in use? How do they work? Understanding Radar Systems provides engineers and scientists with answers to these critical questions, focusing on actual radar systems in use today.

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    Electromagnetic Mixing Formulas and Applications

    Ari Sihvola  1999

    The book discusses homogenisation principles and mixing rules for the determination of the macroscopic dielectric and magnetic properties of different types of media. The effects of structure and anisotropy are discussed in detail, as well as mixtures involving chiral and nonlinear materials.

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    Symbolic Methods in Control System Analysis and Design

    Neil Munro  1999

    Symbolic computing has made a significant impact in the field of control engineering. This book, which brings together contributions from leading international experts in the field, provides an up-to-date treatment of various issues in system modelling, analysis, design and synthesis methods.

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    Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

    M.A. Bramer  1999

    This book reviews some of the underlying technologies and also some recent applications in a number of fields. In a world increasingly overloaded with data of varying quality, not least via the Internet, computerised tools are becoming useful to 'mine' useful data from the mass available.