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    The Struggle for Unity

    Colour television, the formative years  
    Russell W. Burns  2008

    This book traces the evolution of colour television from 1928, when rudimentary colour television was demonstrated for the first time to c. 1966, when the NTSC system and its variants, the PAL and SECAM systems, became widely available for the entertainment, education and enlightenment of society.

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    The Correspondence of Michael Faraday

    Volume 5: 1855-1860  
    Frank A.J.L. James  2008

    This volume includes 70% of previously unpublished letters of Michael Farday spanning half of the 1850s and most of 1860. Topics include Faraday's work on regelation, the transmission of light through gold and his appointment by Emperor Napoleon III to be a Commander of the Legion of Honour.

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    Local Energy

    Distributed generation of heat and power  
    Janet Wood  2008

    In future the UK's energy supplies, for both heat and power, will come from much more diverse sources. In many cases this will mean local energy projects serving a local community or even a single house.

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    Flexible Robot Manipulators

    Modelling, simulation and control  
    M. Osman Tokhi, Abul K.M. Azad  2008

    This book discusses the latest developmens in modelling, simulation and control of flexible robot manipulators. Coverage includes an overall review of previously developed methodologies, a range of modelling approaches including classical techniques, parametric and neuromodelling approaches and numerical modelling/simulation techniques.