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    Systems Engineering for Ethical Autonomous Systems

    Tony Gillespie  2019

    The transfer of responsibility for decisions and actions from humans to machines presents difficult problems for all those concerned with new concepts, their development and use. This book gives practical help by discussing the issues in the context of product design, and gives a methodology to solve them.

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    Radar Cross Section, 2nd Edition

    Eugene F. Knott, John F. Schaeffer, Michael T. Tulley  2004

    Radar cross section (RCS) is a comparison of two radar signal strengths. One is the strength of the radar beam sweeping over a target, the other is the strength of the reflected echo sensed by the receiver. This book shows how the RCS gauge can be predicted for theoretical objects and how it can be measured for real targets.

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    Radar Foundations for Imaging and Advanced Concepts

    Roger J. Sullivan  2004

    Through courses taught internally at the Institute for Defense Analysis, Dr. Roger Sullivan has devised a book that brings readers fully up to speed on the most essential quantitative aspects of general radar in order to introduce study of the most exciting and relevant applications to radar imaging and advanced concepts

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    Introduction to RF Stealth

    David L. Lynch  2004

    This is the only book focused on the complete aspects of RF Stealth design. It is the first book to present and explain first order methods for the design of active and passive stealth properties. Everything from Electronic Order of Battle to key component design is covered.

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    Propagation of Radiowaves, 2nd Edition

    Les Barclay  2003

    This book has been fully updated to reflect the latest developments in the field of radio communications. This book introduces the basic concepts and mechanisms of radiowave propagation engineering in both the troposphere and ionosphere, and includes greater emphasis on the needs of digital technologies and new kinds of radio systems.

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    Bistatic Radar, 2nd Edition

    Nicholas J. Willis  2004

    This is the only English language book on bistatic radar and provides a history of bistatic systems that points out to potential designers, the applications that have worked and the dead-ends not worth pursuing.