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    Theory and Design of Microwave Filters

    Ian Hunter  2001

    This book provides a single source for filter design including basic circuit theory, network synthesis and the design of a variety of microwave filter structures. The aim is to present design theories followed by specific examples with numerical simulations of the designs, with pictures of real devices wherever possible.

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    Tracking Filter Engineering

    The Gauss-Newton and polynomial filters  
    Norman Morrison  2012

    This book provides a complete discussion of the Gauss-Newton filters, including all necessary theoretical background. This book also covers the expanding and fading memory polynomial filters based on the Legendre and Laguerre orthogonal polynomials, and how these can serve as pre-filters for Gauss-Newton.

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    Sevick's Transmission Line Transformers, 5th Edition

    Theory and practice  
    Raymond A. Mack, Jerry Sevick  2014

    The long awaited revision of the classic book Transmission Line Transformers, by Jerry Sevick, is now in its 5th edition and has been updated and reorganised by Raymond Mack to provide communication engineers with a clear technical presentation of both the theory and practical applications of the transmission of radio communication.

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    Ultrawideband Radar Measurements

    Analysis and processing  
    L.Y. Astanin, A.A. Kostylev  1997

    This book concentrates on principal issues of theory, computer processing, modelling and measuring UWB signals and presents detailed discussion of mathematical models for radar target detection and recognition.

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    Theory of Edge Diffraction in Electromagnetics

    Origination and validation of the physical theory of diffraction  
    P.Ya. Ufimtsev  2009
    Andrew J. Terzuoli  2009

    This book is an essential resource for researchers involved in designing antennas and RCS calculations and students studying high frequency diffraction techniques. It contains basic original ideas of the Physical Theory of Diffraction (PTD), examples of its practical application, and its validation by the mathematical theory of diffraction.

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    Thermal Microwave Radiation

    Applications for remote sensing  
    C. Mätzler  2006

    This book combines theoretical concepts with experimental results on thermal microwave radiation to increase the understanding of the complex nature of terrestrial media. Emphasising radiative transfer models, this book covers the needs for the transition from the experimental phase of microwave remote sensing to operational applications.

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    Understanding Radar Systems

    Simon Kingsley, Shaun Quegan  1999

    What is radar? What systems are currently in use? How do they work? Understanding Radar Systems provides engineers and scientists with answers to these critical questions, focusing on actual radar systems in use today.

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    Weibull Radar Clutter

    Matsuo Sekine, Yuhai Mao  1990

    The material presented in this book is intended to provide the reader with a pratical treatment of Weibull distribution as applied to radar systems. This book is primarily written for radar engineeres.