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    Introduction to RF Stealth

    David L. Lynch  2004

    This is the only book focused on the complete aspects of RF Stealth design. It is the first book to present and explain first order methods for the design of active and passive stealth properties. Everything from Electronic Order of Battle to key component design is covered.

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    Radar Cross Section, 2nd Edition

    Eugene F. Knott, John F. Schaeffer, Michael T. Tulley  2004

    Radar cross section (RCS) is a comparison of two radar signal strengths. One is the strength of the radar beam sweeping over a target, the other is the strength of the reflected echo sensed by the receiver. This book shows how the RCS gauge can be predicted for theoretical objects and how it can be measured for real targets.

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    Holographic Staring Radar

    Gordon Oswald, Chris Baker  2021

    The book introduces various forms of staring radar, which include the earliest and simplest forms of electromagnetic surveillance and its users. It next summarises the physical laws under which all radar operates, and the requirements that these systems need to meet to fulfil a range of applications.

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    Expected by: 01 August 2021

    New Methodologies for Understanding Radar Data

    Amit Kumar Mishra, Stefan Brüggenwirth  2021

    Radar signals are one of the most challenging signals to process, because of the extreme signal to noise ratio and the dynamic range of the signals. This book gives readers an analysis of the various tools available to help better understand radar data, including coverage of new machine learning and statistical methods.

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    Radar Foundations for Imaging and Advanced Concepts

    Roger J. Sullivan  2004

    Through courses taught internally at the Institute for Defense Analysis, Dr. Roger Sullivan has devised a book that brings readers fully up to speed on the most essential quantitative aspects of general radar in order to introduce study of the most exciting and relevant applications to radar imaging and advanced concepts