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    Active and Assisted Living

    Technologies and applications  
    Francisco Florez-Revuelta, Alexandros Andre Chaaraoui  2016

    This is a broad introductory handbook, covering the major technologies and applications in Ambient Assisted Living (AAL). The book focuses on current state-of-the-art technology and critical analysis, the applications of these technologies and also includes general issues such as usability, accessibility, privacy and ethics.

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    Guide to Metering Systems

    Specification, installation and use  
    Vic Tuffen,  2016

    This Guide details the key steps in applying metering systems from design and specification, to technology selection, installation and commissioning, and finally operation and maintenance.

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    Code of Practice for Connected Systems Integration in Buildings

    This Code of Practice aims to promote good practice in the specification, design and integration of connected systems in buildings, as well as providing a reference to practitioners on design, integration practice and technological considerations working to meet key functionality and customer requirements.

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    Evaluation of Intelligent Road Transport Systems

    Methods and results  
    Meng Lu  2016

    This book provides an overview of ICT-based intelligent road transport systems with an emphasis on evaluation methods and recent evaluation results of ITS development and deployment.

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    Energy Systems for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

    K.T. Chau  2016

    Electric and hybrid vehicles have been globally identified to be the most environmental friendly road transportation. Energy Systems for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles provides comprehensive coverage of the three main energy system technologies of these vehicles - energy sources, battery charging and vehicle-to-grid systems.

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    Managing the Internet of Things

    Architectures, theories and applications  
    Jun Huang, Kun Hua  2016

    The implementation and deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) brings with it management challenges around seamless integration, heterogeneity, scalability, mobility, security, and many other issues. This comprehensive book explores these challenges and looks at possible solutions.

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    Oscillator Circuits

    Frontiers in design, analysis and applications  
    Yoshifumi Nishio  2016

    This book surveys recent developments in the design, analysis and applications of oscillator circuit design. It highlights developments in the analysis of synchronization and wave phenomena, new analytical and design methods and their application, and novel engineering applications of oscillator circuits.

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    Nano-Scaled Semiconductor Devices

    Physics, modelling, characterisation, and societal impact  
    Edmundo A. Gutiérrez-D  2016

    The subject of nano-scaled semiconductor devices and technology is a strategic and emerging area of relevant societal importance in our ubiquitous electronics era. This book is intended for those involved in the research, technology development, and societal-related applications where nano-scaled semiconductor devices are involved.

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    Designer's Guide to Energy Efficient Electrical Installations

    This guide explains the areas likely to be incorporated into BS 7671 and how this will affect electrical installations in the UK, prepares users for meeting the new challenges and opportunities presented by Energy Efficiency and explains the responsibilities of designers and clients in ensuring an energy efficient electrical design.

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    Biomedical Nanomaterials

    From design to implementation  
    Thomas J. Webster, Hilal Yazici  2016

    This book describes the engineering applications and challenges of using nanostructured surfaces and nanomaterials in healthcare. With contributions from an international selection of researchers this book is essential reading for researchers in industry and academia working at the interfaces of healthcare, engineering and nanotechnology.

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    Power Distribution Automation

    Biswarup Das  2016

    This comprehensive book provides a detailed description of all the major components of a DA system, including communication infrastructure and analysis tools, and includes extensive international case studies showing how the technology has been implemented in real-world situations.

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    Control Circuits in Power Electronics

    Practical issues in design and implementation  
    Miguel Castilla  2016

    Control circuits are a key element in the operation and performance of power electronics converters. This book describes practical issues related to the design and implementation of these control circuits, and is divided into three parts - analogue control circuits, digital control circuits, and new trends in control circuits.

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    Practical Robotics and Mechatronics

    Marine, space and medical applications  
    Ikuo Yamamoto  2016

    This book provides an introduction on how to successfully create practical robotics and mechatronics. Based on the author's 30 years of experience of robotics development, it contains examples of real-world robots from new underwater vehicles, ships, robotic fish and unmanned aviation robotics, to space robotics, and medical robotics.

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    Mechatronic Hands

    Prosthetic and robotic design  
    Paul H. Chappell  2016

    This book describes the technical design characteristics of the main components that go into forming an artificial hand whether it is a simple design that does not have a natural appearance or a more complicated design where there are multiple movements of the fingers and thumb.

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    Engineering Secure Internet of Things Systems

    Benjamin Aziz, Alvaro Arenas, Bruno Crispo  2016

    This book examines important security considerations for the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is collecting a growing amount of private and sensitive data about our lives, and requires increasing degrees of reliability and trustworthiness in terms of the levels of assurance provided with respect to confidentiality, integrity and availability.

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    High Speed Data Converters

    Ahmed M.A. Ali  2016

    This book covers high speed data converters from the perspective of a leading high speed ADC designer and architect, and with a strong emphasis on high speed Nyquist A/D converters.

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    Machine Learning for Healthcare Technologies

    David A. Clifton  2016

    This book provides a snapshot of the state of current research at the interface between machine learning and healthcare with special emphasis on machine learning projects that are (or are close to) achieving improvement in patient outcomes.

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    Trusted Platform Modules

    Why, when and how to use them  
    Ariel Segall  2016

    This book describes the primary uses for Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) and practical considerations such as when TPMs can and should be used, when they shouldn't be, what advantages they provide, and how to actually make use of them, with use cases and worked examples of how to implement these use cases on a real system.