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    Nuclear Power

    Janet Wood  2007

    This book explains in detail how nuclear power works, its costs, benefits as part of the electricity supply system and examines its record. This book covers the nuclear power debate.

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    Power Electronic Converters and Systems

    Frontiers and applications  
    Andrzej M. Trzynadlowski  2015

    Power electronics is a branch of electrical engineering dealing with conversion and control of electric power using semiconductor power switches. This book provides an overview of modern power electronic converters and systems, and their applications.

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    Power Distribution Automation

    Biswarup Das  2016

    This comprehensive book provides a detailed description of all the major components of a DA system, including communication infrastructure and analysis tools, and includes extensive international case studies showing how the technology has been implemented in real-world situations.

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    Power Market Transformation

    Reducing emissions and empowering consumers  
    Barrie Murray  2018

    Power Market Transformation is based on the most recent developments in the energy sector and brings together all the initiatives that interact physically through the common network and financially through the energy market.

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    Power Transformer Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis

    Ahmed Abu-Siada  2018

    Power transformers are a key asset for electricity utilities. However, aging populations of power transformers require monitoring and diagnostics techniques to extend their lifetime and minimise the possibility of failure. This book describes the most popular power transformer condition monitoring techniques from principles to practice.