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    Modern Power Electronic Devices

    Physics, applications, and reliability  
    Francesco Iannuzzo  2020

    Power devices are key to modern power systems, performing functions such as inverting and changing voltages, buffering and switching. Following a device-centric approach, this book covers power electronic applications, semiconductor physics, materials science, application engineering, and key technologies such as MOSFET, IGBT and WBG.

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    Artificial Intelligence for Smarter Power Systems

    Fuzzy logic and neural networks  
    Marcelo Godoy Simões  2021

    This book covers the use of fuzzy logic for power grids. Power systems need to accommodate intermittent renewables and changes in loads while ensuring high power quality. Fuzzy logic uses values between 0 and 1 rather than binary ones, offering advantages in adaptability for energy systems with renewables.

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    Electricity Distribution Network Design, 2nd Edition

    E. Lakervi, E.J. Holmes  2003

    This second edition deals with the planning and design of modern distribution systems, as opposed to more general aspects of transmission and generation and updates its treatment of computer-based planning and reliability. It also covers the implications of international standards, network information systems and distribution automation.