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    Uninterruptible Power Supplies

    John Platts, John St Aubyn  1992

    An uninterrutible power supply (UPS) can avoid potentially catastrophic havoc caused by electricity supply line disturbances. This book is a comprehensive guide to the various types of UPS systems available, showing how they may be specified and applied effectively.

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    Wave and Tidal Generation Devices

    Reliability and availability  
    Peter Tavner  2017

    To some extent the wave and tidal generation industry is following in the wake of the wind industry, learning from the growing experience of offshore wind farm deployment. This book combines wind industry lessons with wave and tidal field knowledge to explore the main reliability and availability issues facing this growing industry.

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    Vacuum Switchgear

    Allan Greenwood  1994

    This book shows how vacuum arcs and current interruption in vacuum are different from gaseous arcs and interruption in gas circuit breakers, and leads the reader to understand these differences.

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    Variable Frequency AC Motor Drive System

    David Finney  1988

    This book is intended to explain the technical principles involved in the many AC variable speed drive systems available today. It deals with all the DC link inverter and direct AC to AC converter systems that are in commercial use.

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    Linking electric vehicles to the smart grid  
    Junwei Lu, Jahangir Hossain  2015

    Vehicle-to-Grid: Linking Electric Vehicles to the Smart Grid provides an overview and considers the salient topics of the connection between the stationary grid and electric vehicle (EV) storage.