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    SF6 Switchgear

    H.M. Ryan, G.R. Jones  1989

    An extensive review of developments in SF6 switchgear covering fundamental properties of SF6, interrupter types, characteristics and associated operating mechanisms, arc modelling and computer aided methods for interrupter design and evaluation.

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    Short-circuit Currents

    J. Schlabbach  2005

    Short-circuit Currents gives an overview of the components within power systems with respect to the parameters needed for short-circuit current calculation.

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    Solar Photovoltaic Energy

    Anne Labouret, Michel Villoz  2010

    Solar Photovoltaic Energy is a professional manual for designers, installers and managers and gives a detailed account of the physical phenomena as well as the available technology and technology currently in development for photovoltaic energy.

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    Thermal Power Plant Simulation and Control

    Damian Flynn  2003

    Contributors of world-class excellence are brought together in Thermal Power Plant Simulation and Control to illustrate how current areas of research can be applied to power plant operation, leading to enhanced unit performance, asset management andplant competitiveness through intelligent monitoring and control strategies.

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    Uninterruptible Power Supplies

    John Platts, John St Aubyn  1992

    An uninterrutible power supply (UPS) can avoid potentially catastrophic havoc caused by electricity supply line disturbances. This book is a comprehensive guide to the various types of UPS systems available, showing how they may be specified and applied effectively.