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    Common-Channel Signalling

    Richard J. Manterfield  1991

    A highly readable and lucid introduction to the complex subject of signalling enabling the reader to understand detailed signalling specifications and international standards recommendations.

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    The Correspondence of Michael Faraday

    Volume 1: 1811-1831  
    Frank A.J.L. James  1991

    Volume 1 covers Faraday's early years up to his discovery of electromagnetic induction in 1831. Other scientific and technical topics covered include Faraday's discovery of electromagnetic rotations (in 1821), the liquefaction of gases (in 1823) and the long series of experiments in the latter part of the 1820s to improve optical glass.

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    A Scientist's War

    The war diary of Sir Clifford Paterson, 1939-45  
    Robert Clayton, Joan Algar  1991

    This book contains the diary he kept from 1939 until 1945, recording work in the laboratories and his own wider role in the planning and organisation of the scientific war effort, against the background of the progress of the war problems of members of his staff.

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    Radio Direction Finding and Superresolution, 2nd Edition

    P.J.D. Gething  1991

    This is an enlarged and revised second edition of a book first published in 1978 and reprinted twice since then. The new edition includes updates to all the original chapters, plus two new chapters on developments in superresolution techniques and their application to direction-finding arrays.

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    Electromagnetic Waveguides

    Theory and applications  
    S.F. Mahmoud  1991

    This book addresses the basic problems associated with a waveguide as a communication medium. It includes studies of metallic cylindrical waveguides, surface impedance waveguides, dielectrical and open waveguides and natural waveguides. Special attention is paid to millimetric and optical waveguides.

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    Electrodynamic Theory of Superconductors

    Shu-Ang Zhou  1991

    This book presents a unified and comprehensive theoretical treatment of electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical phenomena in superconductors. Introduces basic concepts and principles with particular emphasis on general methodology.

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    Analogue-digital ASICs

    Circuit techniques, design tools and applications  
    R.S. Soin, F. Maloberti, J. Franca  1991

    A wide-ranging book on the subject of mixed analogue digital ASICs, this title covers processing technology, circuit techniques and building blocks, design and applications, and CAD and supporting tools.