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    The Life and Times of A.D. Blumlein

    Russell Burns  2000

    Alan Dower Blumlein was a genius and has been described as the greatest British electronics engineer of the twentieth century. This book presents a balanced account of the life and times of a brilliant engineer. It is certain to be the major biographical source on Blumlein for all historians of technology and science.

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    Lord Kelvin

    His influence on electrical measurements and units  
    Paul Tunbridge  1992

    This book concentrates upon the work of Lord Kelvin (William Thomson) in three phases; discovery of the fundamental concepts and coding them into universal laws, leading the adoption of the metric system, and securing worldwide use of units and standards (now the IEC system).

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    Oliver Heaviside

    Maverick Mastermind of Electricity  
    Basil Mahon  2009

    A compelling account of the life of one of the great pioneers of electrical science Oliver Heaviside (1850-1925). He showed how to analyse circuit, how to rid telephone lines of distortion and interpreted Maxwell's theory of electromagnetism in a way that working engineers and physicists could understand.

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    Radio Man

    The remarkable rise and fall of C.O. Stanley  
    Mark Frankland  2002

    Radio Man tells the story of C.O. Stanley, the unconventional Irishman who acquired Pye Radio at the beginning of the broadcasting age.

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    Restoring Baird's Image

    Donald F. McLean  2000

    In the late 1920s, John Logie Baird - considered to be the inventor of television - was experimenting with 'phonovision' in which he attempted to record television signals onto gramophone discs. This unique book sheds new light on the activities of John Logie Baird and the definition and invention of television itself.

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    Sir Charles Wheatstone FRS, 1802-1875, 2nd Edition

    Brian Bowers  2001

    Charles Wheatstone was one of the leading electrical engineers of the mid-nineteenth century. This fascinating biography celebrates the bicentenary of his birth, and draws on information about the family business as well as letters, including correspondence with Cooke and Faraday.

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    Skills Development for Engineers

    Innovative model for advanced learning in the workplace  
    Kevin Hoag  2001

    This book questions the effectiveness of current employee learning in most organisations and presents an alternative framework model, which is less costly and more successful. Many practical examples of successful approaches are give in a highly readable format, with many diagrams.

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    Spacecraft Technology

    The early years  
    Mark Williamson  2006

    This book charts the fascinating story of the early Space Age, encompassing the launch of the first satellites and the landing of men on the Moon. While concentrating on the most significant technology developments, it places them in the context of historical events, specific missions and the individuals that made it all happen.