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    Sir Charles Wheatstone FRS, 1802-1875, 2nd Edition

    Brian Bowers

    Charles Wheatstone was one of the leading electrical engineers of the mid-nineteenth century. This fascinating biography celebrates the bicentenary of his birth, and draws on information about the family business as well as letters, including correspondence with Cooke and Faraday.

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    Skills Development for Engineers

    Innovative model for advanced learning in the workplace  
    Kevin Hoag

    This book questions the effectiveness of current employee learning in most organisations and presents an alternative framework model, which is less costly and more successful. Many practical examples of successful approaches are give in a highly readable format, with many diagrams.

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    Spacecraft Technology

    The early years  
    Mark Williamson

    This book charts the fascinating story of the early Space Age, encompassing the launch of the first satellites and the landing of men on the Moon. While concentrating on the most significant technology developments, it places them in the context of historical events, specific missions and the individuals that made it all happen.

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    The Struggle for Unity

    Colour television, the formative years  
    Russell W. Burns

    This book traces the evolution of colour television from 1928, when rudimentary colour television was demonstrated for the first time to c. 1966, when the NTSC system and its variants, the PAL and SECAM systems, became widely available for the entertainment, education and enlightenment of society.

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    How to Build Successful Business Relationships

    Frances Kay

    This book teaches you how to maximise your business contacts, network to make valuable connections and develop successful professional relationships. If you are new to your job or starting out in your career it is designed to help you make the most of opportunities offered.

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    An international history of the formative years  
    R.W. Burns

    This book presents a balanced, thorough history of television to 1940, considering the factors technical, financial and social which influenced and led to the establishment of many of the world's high-definition TV broadcasting services. This is a major book in the study of history of science, technology and media.

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    Wireless: The Crucial Decade

    History of the British wireless industry 1924-34  
    Gordon Bussey

    This book describes the broadcasting trends and receiver developments in Europe and America, and includes a detailed account of wireless development in Britain.

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    Lean Product Development

    A manager's guide  
    Colin Mynott

    A manager's guide to the application of lean principles to product development, explaining what needs to be done in order to successfully complete the complex task of developing products that are successful in the market.