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    The Correspondence of Michael Faraday

    Volume 5: 1855-1860  
    Frank A.J.L. James

    This volume includes 70% of previously unpublished letters of Michael Farday spanning half of the 1850s and most of 1860. Topics include Faraday's work on regelation, the transmission of light through gold and his appointment by Emperor Napoleon III to be a Commander of the Legion of Honour.

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    Demystifying Marketing

    A guide to the fundamentals for engineers  
    Patrick Forsyth

    Demystifying Marketing is a comprehensive and accessible book covering all key marketing matters, with an emphasis on practicality and why marketing is important in engineering.

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    Designing Businesses

    How to develop and lead a high technology company  
    George Young

    A practical book which aims to support engineers, and other technical professionals, who find themselves with the opportunity to run their own business as entrepreneurs.

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    The Early History of Radio

    From Faraday to Marconi  
    G.R.M. Garratt

    The Early History of Radio: From Faraday to Marconi outlines the sequence of development from Faraday's first prediction and concept of the electromagnetic field.

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    Effective Team Leadership for Engineers

    Pat Wellington, Niall Foster

    An essential guide for engineers who are new to the role of leading a team. Packed with practical information, advice and case studies, this book presents you with the insights to get your team rapidly up to speed and working to their full potential, shows how to problem solve, and keep the team on track through turbulent times.

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    Electric Railways

    Michael C. Duffy

    This book presents a thorough survey of electric railway development from the earliest days of the London Underground to modern electrified mainline trains.

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    Exhibiting Electricity

    K.G. Beauchamp

    This unusual book traces the history of public and technical exhibitions, from their origins in the late 18th Century to present day, and, particularly, how they have reflected the progress of science and technology (especially electrical technology).

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    The GEC Research Laboratories 1919-1984

    Robert Clayton, Joan Algar

    Covering the activities of the GEC Research Laboratories from 1919 until their end in 1984, this book includes sections on the original organisation and philosophy behind the laboratories, a decade by decade summary of the work, and specialist chapters focussing on such areas as lamps and lighting, valves, communications and semiconductors.