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    BS 8450:2006

    Code of Practice for Installation of Electrical and Electronic Equipment in Ships  
    BS 8450 is written for those involved in the design, installation and maintenance of electrical equipment for the generation, storage, conversion, distribution and utilisation of electrical energy for all purposes in ships of all descriptions (excluding warships).
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    Next generation electronics  
    Bashir M. Al-Hashimi  2006

    This book highlights both the key achievements of electronic systems design targeting SoC implementation style, and the future challenges presented by the continuing scaling of CMOS technology.

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    The Switching Function

    Analysis of power electronic circuits  
    C.C. Marouchos  2006

    This book demonstrates the usefulness of the switching function in analysing power electronic circuits in the steady state. It includes analysis of generic circuits of power electronics using the switching function, and derives compact expressions for output voltage and current and input current.

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    Spacecraft Technology

    The early years  
    Mark Williamson  2006

    This book charts the fascinating story of the early Space Age, encompassing the launch of the first satellites and the landing of men on the Moon. While concentrating on the most significant technology developments, it places them in the context of historical events, specific missions and the individuals that made it all happen.

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    Thermal Microwave Radiation

    Applications for remote sensing  
    C. Mätzler  2006

    This book combines theoretical concepts with experimental results on thermal microwave radiation to increase the understanding of the complex nature of terrestrial media. Emphasising radiative transfer models, this book covers the needs for the transition from the experimental phase of microwave remote sensing to operational applications.

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    Sea Clutter

    Scattering, the K distribution and radar performance  
    Keith D. Ward, Robert J.A. Tough, Simon Watts  2006

    This book provides an authoritative account of the current understanding of radar sea clutter, describing its phenomenology, EM scattering and statistical modelling and simulation, and their use in the design of detection systems and the calculation and practical evaluation of radar performance.

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    Principles of Space-Time Adaptive Processing, 3rd Edition

    Richard Klemm  2006

    This book presents a systematic introduction to airborne MTI (moving target indication) system design for use in the fields of earth observation, surveillance and reconnaissance, with particular regard to the suppression of clutter returns. New developments in the field and special aspects of airborne MTI radar are also covered.

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    Advances in Unmanned Marine Vehicles

    G.N. Roberts, R. Sutton  2006

    Unmanned marine vehicles (UMVs) include autonomous underwater vehicles, remotely operated vehicles, semi-submersibles and unmanned surface craft. This book highlights the advanced technology that is evolving to meet the challenges being posed in this exciting and growing area of research.

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    Intelligent Distributed Video Surveillance Systems

    Sergio A. Velastin, Paolo Remagnino  2006

    There is a growing interest in the development and deployment of intelligent surveillance systems in public and private locations. This book consists of a selection of extended versions of presentations made in two symposia on intelligent distributed surveillance systems (IDSS) and brings together the latest developments in the field.