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    Radio Frequency and Microwave Power Measurement

    Alan E. Fantom  1990

    The need to measure electrical power is common to many branches of science and engineering. This book presents a wide-ranging survey of the many types of radio-frequency and microwave power meter and the techniques which are used for calibrating and intercomparing them.

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    Wireless: The Crucial Decade

    History of the British wireless industry 1924-34  
    Gordon Bussey  1990

    This book describes the broadcasting trends and receiver developments in Europe and America, and includes a detailed account of wireless development in Britain.

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    Conduction and Induction Heating

    E.J. Davies  1990

    This book offers a theoretical and practical treatment of both conduction and induction heating, comprising four parts: conduction theory, induction theory, heat flow, and practice.

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    Weibull Radar Clutter

    Matsuo Sekine, Yuhai Mao  1990

    The material presented in this book is intended to provide the reader with a pratical treatment of Weibull distribution as applied to radar systems. This book is primarily written for radar engineeres.

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    Ionospheric Radio

    Kenneth Davies  1990

    This book introduces the reader to basic wave theory in absorbing, anisotropic and dispersive media and to the physics of production, loss, and movement of plasma in the ionosphere presence of the geomagnetic field.

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    Digital Signal Processing

    Principles, devices and applications  
    N.B. Jones, J.D.McK. Watson  1990

    This book is different from others in the field in that it not only presents the fundamentals of DSP ranging from data conversion to z-transforms and spectral analysis, extending this into the areas of digital filtering and control, but also gives significant detail of the new devices themselves and how to use them.

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    Deterministic Control of Uncertain Systems

    A.S.I. Zinober  1990

    Includes sections on: Sliding mode control with switching command devices. Hyperplane design and CAD of variable structure control systems. Variable structure controllers for robots. The hyperstability approach to VSCS design. Nonlinear continuous feedback for robust tracking. Control of infinite dimensional plants.

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    Computer Control of Real-Time Processes

    S. Bennett, G.S. Virk  1990

    This book provides an introduction to many aspects of computer control. It covers techniques or control algorithm design and tuning of controllers; computer communications; parallel processing; and software design and implementation.